Joanna Marie Frankel, violin

Frankel, a Juilliard graduate, is a player of formidable technical accomplishment and a tone quality akin to the pleading, emotive sound favored by violinists of older generations. It’s a lovely sound, highly communicative and quite large when Frankel leaned in and gave it plenty of bow. Palm Beach Daily News

She was a violinist of power and passion who bobbed and weaved with her whole body, tore savage handfuls of pizzicatos from her instrument, and played de Falla’s delirium dance with a huge, commanding sound, daring [pianist] Arrigo to keep up with her. Palm Beach Daily News

For an encore, Frankel cooled the now-flushed audience with a tender performance of Elgar’s Chanson de Nuit (Op. 15, No. 1), filling each note of this pretty salon piece with fat, rich tone. Palm Beach Daily News

The performance was excellent. The solo violinist, for the second week running, was the gifted Joanna Frankel, an American member of the orchestra, and she played her difficult part with great passion and commitment. ArtSmart, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

The ensemble, led with panache by Joanna Marie Frankel (the first violinist), gave a heartfelt performance of the work, which blends haunting solos with grittier interludes. The New York Times is interesting to speculate on what the future holds for this promising violinist...She can already teach a thing or two about poetic statement to many of the so-called professional fiddlers on the current circuit. The New York Sun, New York City

The Adagio of Brahms's D Minor Sonata, Op. 108, was gorgeous stuff in her hands, yet she was able to find the right balance of incisive power and classical proportion in the score's more heated rhetoric. And in Ravel's Sonata in G, the swoony faux-blues and tricky pizzicatos were dispatched with technique to spare. The Washington Post, Washington D.C.

...sweet, throbbing vibrato responded to tunefulness, especially in duet exchanges [with] Joanna Frankel's violin... The New York Times, New York City

[The Brahms A major sonata] is the domain of Ms. Frankel. She has a palpable singing tone and phrases with a good deal of aesthetic intelligence... [she] intoned it lovingly, in an unabashedly Romantic manner. This was definitely the highlight of the day. New York Sun, New York City

...Frankel then came into [her] own with the playing of the middle and final movements of Felix Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in E Minor. In the two contrasting movements Miss Frankel revealed her awesome skill. The first was lyric and legato while the finale was gratifyingly fiery. The Sentinel Ledger, NJ

...the soloist continued with the sonata opus 83 by Edward Elgar, a late romantic work, played with a heartfelt, sensitive interpretation. Contact
The Netherlands

Chausson has his own vibrant brand of lush lyricism...Joanna Frankel gave a powerhouse performance of the piece... Post and Courier
Charleston, South Carolina

Her pedigree is top notch. Aspen Times Weekly, Aspen, Colorado

Violinist Joanna Frankel...played a wild and challenging work by young Israeli composer Avner Dorman...At one point, Frankel was required to control the melody with the tuning peg of her violin. Somehow, she managed to maintain excellent intonation and beautiful phrasing. Post and Courier
Charleston, South Carolina

From the first notes of Mozart's E Minor Sonata, K. 304, at the Phillips Collection on Sunday, Joanna Marie Frankel proved herself an uncommonly fine young violinist. Her darkly burnished, consistently rounded tone went right to the melancholy heart of the piece. Washington Post, Washington. D.C.



Mozart Sonata in E Minor, K. 304, Allegro

Mozart Sonata in E Minor, K. 304, Tempo di Menuetto

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